Do you want to raise your Crazy Time Live play to the next degree? Fancy of this incredible gambling game show? You’re covered then. In this post, we are diving into the numbers behind Crazy Time Live, revealing from win rates to player strategies. Thus, buckle up and prepare to unravel the mysteries of the wheel!

A Journey of Crazy Time

Crazy Time was a live casino gaming product introduced in 2020, being a derivative of game shows that enjoy long shelf life in the market. Launched by Evolution Gaming, it greeted the world with a bang. The fans are attracted to the game’s colourful wheel and charming hosts who add an element of suspense by having them put their bets on segments and await the exciting bonus rounds. These bonus games, which range from Cash Hunt to Pachinko, create the potential for getting big wins and entertain players thoroughly. Crazy Time accessibility and entertainment features have helped it become one of the most popular games among both the pros and the casuals. Its success is rooted in its capacity to merge the exhilaration of land-based casino gameplay with the social component of game shows. As the Crazy Time game collection continues to grow, with developers introducing new features and themed versions, its place as the industry’s top live casino game is uncontested and one that offers players unlimited thrills and fun.

Crazy Time Live Statistics

Crazy Time is a top live casino game. It brings together the excitement of a big money wheel with exhilarating bonus rounds, which is the main reason behind its popularity among online gamblers.

The Main Attraction: Money Wheel

  • The main feature of the game is the huge, bright money wheel consisting of multiple segments.
  • These segments include numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10) and special games (Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time).
  • Players make their bets on the segments on which they believe that the wheel will stop.
  • Numbers present an easy compensation that is based on the number itself (e.g., landing on 5 pays you 5 times).


Wheel Segments Probability



21 38.85%



13 24.05%



7 12.95%



4 7.40%



2 3.70%


Cash Hunt

2 3.70%


Coin Flip

4 7.40%


Crazy Time


1.85% 94.41%

Bonus Games: The places where the Big Wins are Concealed

  • The Crazy Time is not only about the wheel. The bonus rounds are where we expect some action and maybe big gains.
  • And there is each bonus game with its specific mechanics and the opportunity to win large multipliers to your initial bet.

Here’s a glimpse into the bonus rounds

Pachinko: A pachinko board that is full of multipliers and extra prizes. A huge pachinko coin comes down, with your prize inside.

Cash Hunt: Players fire virtual cannons at pictures on the screen in search of cash awards and multipliers.

Coin Flip: Select which face of the largest coin (heads or tails) will get the highest multiplier..

Crazy Time: Are you ready to explore virtual reality with an additional big wheel containing multipliers and the opportunity to win even bigger?

Key Stats and Considerations

  • Although Crazy Time is an amazing game, don’t forget that it’s all about luck. Wheel segments are not of equal probability and 1 and 2 come up more frequently than 5 and 10.
  • The bonus rounds do not occur frequently but have the probability of bringing up big wins.
  • Always be aware of the risks and set the limits before playing.

Where to Play Crazy Time

A number of online casinos include Crazy Time in their range of live dealer games. Search reputable casinos with positive reviews and make sure you verify their license and regulations.


In essence, Crazy Time is a melange of the thrill of a live casino, the bonus possibilities and a chance to hit the big jackpot. Therefore, if you are searching for a crazy and fun online casino experience, Crazy Time should be your game of choice and get information at Zovi24 News!


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