When it comes to gambling, six-sided dice are a classic tool. The modern cube has its roots in ancient China and a history spanning over two millennia. All this time, dice and dice-based games have maintained their position as gambling mainstays. The snake-eyes, though, are clearly here to stay in this era of online gaming. What follows is a list of what we believe to be the top live dice games available today.

When it comes to online dice gambling, live dealer games are probably your best bet. It’s rather straightforward: while some casino games are decided by computers, live casino games use real gambling tools. For this situation, actual dice. What this implies is that you can enjoy the thrill of waiting for the die to fall without leaving your house!

Best Four Dice Games for Live Dealer Casinos

Dice games are best played live with actual dealers, as previously stated. Yet, the phrase “games with dice” encompasses a great deal. From well-known games like Craps and Sic Bo to more niche varieties, it may cover it all.

On this list of the top dice games, you’ll find a variety of options. That way, everyone can find what they’re looking for! The games are also not presented in any particular sequence, which is something to keep in mind. We think you should give each of these games a go because they are all top-notch.

Live Lightening Dice

This list will begin with an Evolution smash hit that is easy enough for beginners to enjoy. This well-known software developer shook up the live dealer casino industry a few years back with their Lightning Roulette game. They discovered that the stunning presentation style of TV shows may be applied to several kinds of games. Introducing Lightning Dice, a one-of-a-kind gambling game.

The stunning visuals of this game will immediately catch your eye. Every time you play Lightning Dice, the amazing studio lights up, and thousands of players from all around the world reel in large rewards.

Playing Lightning Dice is like playing Sic Bo with fewer complicated rules. The action revolves around the throw of three traditional six-sided dice. The payments are proportional to the likelihood of your outcome prediction, and your duty is to make that prediction.

However, that is not all. Supercharging some outcomes and increasing their benefits is possible with the famed Lightning Strike function! The game’s popularity is a testament to its high quality; it’s enjoyable for both serious and casual gamers. For additional information on how to play (and win) this amazing game, be sure to check out our Lightning Dice strategy guide.

BetGames’ Dice Duel 2.0

Our next offering is comparable to Lightning Dice to an extent, but it differs significantly in other respects. It has the same vibe and appearance as a game show, albeit one that isn’t quite as impressive. Furthermore, it stands out from the crowd of live dealer casino games.

One of BetGames’ live betting games is Dice Duel. For those who are unfamiliar, BetGames is a platform that hosts a variety of intriguing gambling games.

Dice Duel is really a very straightforward game. Each player receives a red and a blue die from the dealer. The highest-scoring outcome is declared the winner. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this game.

Considering the act of tossing dice as a sport is the most effective approach to illustrate how Dice Duel operates. Guessing who will win is just one of several alternatives in sports betting. Picking the total score displayed by the dice or even a single die, or even if that total will be odd or even, is another option in this game. The idea for this dice game is intriguing, and the execution is flawless, too!

Betgames Dice Duel is a great dice game to try out because it offers more than 25 betting opportunities!

Evolution’s Live Craps

When it comes to casino dice games, Craps is undoubtedly the most famous and significant. It’s a Western casino staple that has stood the test of time, and it’s also a lot of fun!

However, implementing craps into live casino software has always been a challenge. Adapting to live-streamed casino games is quite challenging due to the game’s strong social components and mechanics. Nobody has been able to replicate Evolution’s level of success.

To the untrained eye, live dealer craps looks, acts, and plays much like the classic table game. Naturally, there won’t be a shooter but rather the dealer tossing the dice, and there are fewer betting alternatives. But all the thrills and spills that make craps a great game are present!

When it comes to live dice games, Evolution Live Craps is a giant leap ahead of the competition. To provide players the most realistic experience possible, every detail has been meticulously designed, from the speakeasy studio to the professional yet casual traders.

A random number generator (RNG) version of live craps called First-person Craps is also available. While some players may find that the game is more enjoyable without dice, we find that it somewhat dampens the fun.

Playtech’s Sic Bo Deluxe

No respectable online casino is complete without Sic Bo. This casino game from East Asia is accessible in some form or another from nearly every major software supplier. Our selections were far more numerous than those of the other entries on this list. We went for Sic Bo Deluxe, a live Sic Bo game developed by Playtech that has some added elements to make it more exciting.

For those unfamiliar, Sic Bo consists merely of rolling three dice and trying to guess their results. It’s one of the simplest dice games you may play at the casino. You need only be familiar with the various bets in Sic Bo to play the game, which is entirely dependent on chance. For further information, feel free to refer to our Live Sic Bo instructional.

Anyway, among dice games offered by online casinos, Playtech Sic Bo Deluxe distinguishes out thanks to its multiplier mechanisms. This game is quite similar to Lightning Dice in that it uses a random number generator to multiply wagers on a small set of numbers. We go into great depth on how this works in our review.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a couple of recommendations for great casinos where you may play our recommended dice games. A few sites have already been highlighted according to the games they host. Having said that, the games that are now accessible shouldn’t be your exclusive consideration.

Of course, we’re referring to bonuses offered by live casinos. In contrast to the industry-leading roulette and blackjack, dice-based casino games tend to be niche offerings. A lot of sign-up bonuses contain restrictions on what kinds of games you may play with them, such as sic-bo, or have low wagering requirements.


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