Virat Kohli. The name alone brings goosebumps to bowlers and lightning to the crowds. After some introspection and a few grumbles, the question posed itself can Kohli recapture his dominant form in IPL 2024? Do not worry cricket lovers, the answer is a loud YES and it came with a record-breaking sound! This season was not just about getting more runs but also about engraving his name again into the IPL history books. Let us now focus more intensely on the particular record Kohli broke and discuss in depth his performance during IPL 2024.

The Record-Extending Eighth IPL Century

On the 6th of April, the match between Kohli and Rajasthan Royals saw him score a magnificent century, which he did only seconds after reaching the three-digit mark on the 67th ball. This knock was not just another century but it had a symbolic value. The batting century by Kohli set a benchmark and made him the batsman with the most centuries in IPL history. In his eighth century, Kohli is now the only batsman to have more centuries than Gayle, whose previous run came up at six. This is an extraordinary achievement that is both a testimony to Kohli’s ability and a reflection of his consistent performance over the years. Kohli has been a towering figure in the IPL from its start till now and this score is just proof of that.

Kohli Reaches T20 Milestone of 100 Fifty-Plus Scores

In the world of T-20 cricket which is characterized by quick plays and short innings, scoring fifties is a trademark of a batsman and a measuring stick of his ability and steadiness. Whereas, the 11th match of RCB vs PBKS in the season of IPL 2024 witnessed a happy moment for Virat Kohli – he made his 100th fifty-plus score. This recognition goes another mile in adding to his grand catalogue and qualifies him as a potential legendary person. From his debut until now, Kohli’s cricketing journey symbolizes grit and a tireless search for excellence. He changes the old records by doing so, one inning at a time; leaving behind an immeasurable stamp on the sport will follow at the end of the day. Just before he matches his own IPL highest score, he is showing his talent and determination in every game. It is these abilities that enable him to keep his position among the greatest and the most prodigious of run-getters in world cricket as proven by the tally of Virat Kohli IPL runs.

Kohli’s as Run Machine in Overall IPL

As of the 9th of April, 2024, Virat Kohli has become the undisputed king in terms of total runs scored in the IPL. His IPL career is marked by an astounding feat of 7,579 runs thus becoming an icon of the tournament.

And here is why this achievement is particularly stunning

Maintaining Consistency

It does not talk about just one season. We are talking about being consistent season after season. Mr Kohli has led the IPL batting line-up for the last decade and more.

Dominating Across Formats

Kohli’s mastery, as evidenced in all forms of the game, reaches new heights in T20 cricket with its fast-paced nature.

Kohli’s Masterclass of Record Re-written

IPL 2024 has seen Kohli’s head and shoulder above the others. He set the record for the highest-ever score (including specific score), earning the tag of becoming the first Indian with 12,000 T20 runs and also reaching his 100th T20 fifty. The outstanding achievements he made earned him a legendary status that was an inspiration to many young cricketers who vowed to have his unwavering dedication in all of their cricket endeavors.

Kohli’s Impact on IPL

Kohli’s effect on the IPL exceeds his achievements. He is known for his hunger, fierce batting approach, and ultimate passion for the sport. The fans all over the world admire him for that. He has instilled a lot of hope in future cricketers and has performed as a role model in the making of the IPL a world-recognized event.

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What’s Next for Kohli?

Among thousands of records and still being young, Virat Kohli has no signs of slowing down. Fans are already waiting for his next innings and they want to know if he can break more records in the seasons to come. It is safe to say that Virat Kohli’s story in the IPL is nowhere close to the end.



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